Voir la version complète : [URGENT] Can't update MetaMod for CZ!

13/03/2013, 16h17
Since changes have been made to hl1 mods concerning updates and stuff,
Something went really bad i think,
I did what the tutorial said that someone of support linked me:
( http://wiki.alliedmods.net/AMX_Mod_X_1.8.2_Release_Notes )

But I'm stuck at step 4!
Whatever happend in the update something is preventing me from placing my new updated liblist.gam for use with metamod2.0-AM into my czero folder of my server!
fireftp is giving me this error:
550 liblist.gam: No such file or directory
: /servers/server4986/games/halflife/czero/liblist.gam
This is a MAJOR problem since ALL my servers run mods based on amxx so if amx cant even run then my servers a waste of my money!

I have made a ticket for this but its taking to long since every day that i have no answer is losing me players!