Hi, I've recently rented a server from VeryGames and found out later on as I was flying really far from the planet that there were no Asteroids spawning in Space.

After almost a couple of hours of troubleshooting and seeking help I found out the quickest solution, ang I am sharing this for the beginners looking for a quick fix:

-Open Configuration tab
-Tick the Expert Mode to be able to edit the code
-Go down and look for <ProceduralDensity> and <ProceduralSeed>
*For those familiar or are already experts, you will immediately notice they are in the wrong line*
^THAT was the problem. So no matter what value you change with these settings, nothing will happen.

SOLUTION: Move <ProceduralDensity> and <ProceduralSeed>

It should be placed in this line:
<ProceduralDensity>0.5</ProceduralDensity> <------HERE
<ProceduralSeed>1234567890</ProceduralSeed> <-----HERE


Fly into space and you should see Asteroids spawning.

Hope this helps and saves the next person from hours of searching.