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Discussion: Thank You Very Games

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    March 2017

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    Wasn't quite sure where to post this but i just want to thank very games for being both cheap and reliable, i have had many different hosts for my games for about 9-10 years now and none of have been better than these guys, my Farming Sim server has been up for about a year now and never went down (only for maintenance), on an unnamed previous host the server went down atleast once a week and each time i had to start it back up or just restart it to put mods in the whole map reset, but with these guys i can restart it multiple times and not worry. was also looking for a new host for the game that i started playing lately and saw you started hosting it also, i saw a post from someone else having issues with a ticket, the response from mine were under an hour which i find quite appealing, keep up the great work VG

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    Thank you, appreciated

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