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What is Spigot?

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  • [TECHNIQUE] What is Spigot?

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    is a fork of Craftbukkit made by md_5, former collaborator of Afforess on Craftbukkit++.
    It works just like Craftbukkit, which means (almost) all your plugins for Craftbukkit can run on Spigot. (avoid NoLagg or CraftBook for example)
    Spigot gives less lag, even with over 80 players. It brings interesting functionalities and improves servers' performance.
    For a few days now, while it still runs with version 1.4.7 of Minecraft, it allows players who have 1.5 on their pc to connect.

    We'll try to introduce it by answering a few questions here.
    However, we do not recommend that you try and switch to Spigot if you're a newbie!

    Why speak about Spigot only today?
    Because an update of Minecraft was released, a many tickets were
    created even though there is a huge message on everyone's admin
    Because even if your server is in build #630 of Spigot, thus running
    1.4.7, thanks to the variable "snapshot-protocol" inside "bukkit.yml"
    (only on Spigot) you can authorise connections from players who
    have their clients in 1.5.
    Because Spigot has proven to be trustworthy, because it's used by
    servers at VeryGames with over 200 connected players without a

    How does this "snapshot-protocol" variable work?
    Very simply, it tells the server to make believe that it's running on
    1.5. So everyone who updated to 1.5 on their computer can join.
    If a player tries to craft a 1.5 item, it just will not work and it will
    display in the console:
    > INFO Skipping TileEntity with id Hopper

    Can I use any plugin on Spigot?
    Yes, as said at the top of this page. Although you do need to make
    sure that your plugin is compatible with the version of Craftbukkit
    that your Spigot build is based on.

    Can I go back to Craftbukkit whenever I want to and vice versa?
    It seems that makes no problem at all. The "bukkit.yml" file differs
    because it has many additional parameters. But this will not bother
    you when you go from one build to another as long as you do not
    downgrade your server to an older version of Minecraft!

    Is there anything I cannot use with Spigot?
    Yes, as a matter of fact, there are variables that you cannot make
    use of, like for example: "restart-on-crash" et "restart-script-location".
    There might be others...

    Can I have a modded server with Spigot ? Can I add other mods on top of it?
    There are some modified build for this purpose, but we will not be
    able to provide you with further detail. You will have better advice
    if you ask directly the Spigot support.

    Where can I find the latest builds of Spigot?

    How can I switch to Spigot?
    > If you're on the Craftbukkit system
    Stop your server, make a full backup of it.
    Set your server to Openmod JAVA and reupload your files as well
    as the Spigot build that you want to load. Backup is a mandatory
    step to make sure nothing is deleted.
    Be careful with plugins that use MySQL, make backups as well.
    > If you are already on Openmod JAVA
    Just upload the Spigot build and load it as you would Craftbukkit.

    Can the VeryGames tech support help me with this?

    Can the VeryGames tech support guide me into choosing a specific build?

    Should I file a support ticket with VeryGames if I have a problem with Spigot or some advice I need about Spigot?
    No, you will receive better advice if you check the Spigot website.
    There is an official forum board and an official chat room waiting for

    Where is the Spigot website?

    If you cannot resist asking questions? Do it after this topic. We cannot assist you with Spigot via the support ticket system, we cannot tell you which configuration is best, which plugin is not compatible, why such functionality cannot be made available, why or when Craftbukkit is not released in some version yet, etc...

    Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy the game!
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