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HLTV will NOT record!

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  • HLTV will NOT record!

    I've tried everything and I'm at wit's end! SourceTV will record quite happily, but I cannot get HLTV to record at all! I've visited tons of websites and followed all kinds of information stating how to auto-record. here is my current config.
    Envoyé par HLTV.cfg
    // HLTV Proxy configuration file

    // HLTV proxy runs this file on start up
    // This file should only be edited if you want to broadcast a game
    // set HLTV proxy name as shown in score board
    name "Pedobear[HL]"
    hostname " GamersLanHLTV"
    // set HLTV name, how it should appear in game server browsers

    // set offline info text clients will see as reject reason if HLTV isn't broadcasting yet
    offlinetext "Sorry but she's >9000 old."

    // delays broadcasting for 10 seconds
    delay 10.0

    // allow 3.5 KByte/sec as client rate. This is good a value
    // for internet broadcasts. On LAN you may set this value to 10000
    maxrate 6800

    // log HLTV console in proxy.log
    logfile 1

    // local chatting for HLTV spectators enabled
    chatmode 0

    // if game server is password protected, enable this line
    serverpassword "**************"

    // proxy's adim password for rcon, commentator etc.

    // show message for 5 seconds each 60 seconds in center of X axis (-1) and
    // above help text bar (0.85). Color given as hexadecimal RGBA .
    //loopcmd 1 60 localmsg "HLTV by - Location de serveurs de jeux" 5 -1 0.85 FFA000FF

    // hltv.tga will be shown instead of the default HLTV logo in spectator GUI
    // bannerfile "hltv.tga"

    // these commands will be executed on connecting spectator client and may be used
    // to adjust settings for HLTV (for example voice parameters)
    signoncommands "voice_scale 2; voice_overdrive 16; volume 0.5; echo Voice adjusted for HLTV"
    // # of spectators
    maxclients 0
    echo hltv.cfg loaded.

    Pedobear quite happily connects to my server and sits there (previously connectable when I set maxclients to 1) but it just does NOT record.

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    Is your HLTV present on the server ?


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      Is your HLTV present on the server ?
      If you read the bottom of my post you would see that i told you, it happily CONNECTS to the server and sits there, if setup i can connect to it even. but it will not RECORD.