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Server Setup Help

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  • Lithium .#+ XtreM
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    If I indeed understand you want to know how to put yourself admin of PMA and of the cssmatch?

    Cordially Lithium .#+ XtreM

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  • Inflam3
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    Server Setup Help

    Hello, i'm a user from DediGames XtreM Dedi server and I have 3 CSS Match servers.

    Yet I can't seem to get them working properly with configs/plugins.

    I've installed PMA match admin, which doesnt seem to work. I installed CSSMATCH from control panel and there is no help with that to instruct what the commands are and such. But looking on their site, seems thats not working properly.

    I also tried just having a 'lo3.cfg' in the 'cstrike/cfg' folder but even that doesnt work using 'rcon exec lo3' or 'exec lo3' or 'rcon exec lo3.cfg' etc.

    So no clue why nothing works :/