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Orange box update on 24/06/2011

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  • Orange box update on 24/06/2011

    Sourcemod (1.3.9) and Metamod (1.8.7) Source were updated in the autoplugin. You MUST reinstall them so that your server works.
    The files were renamed to, because zblock is not working with the Orangebox update.

    Please post here if despite updating the plugins you are still facing the same problem.

    PLEASE REMEMBER to give us your server number!!

    UPDATE: Mattie Eventscript is not compatible either. We deactivated it by renaming to There could be troubles with other plugins.
    If your server will not start, but actually does when the addons/ folder is renamed, therefore the problem comes from one of your plugins.

    UPDATE: Mani Admin is not compatible either. Please post here only if you have deleted all your plugins excepted Metamod Source and Sourcemod.
    IMPORTANT: Metamod Source and Sourcemod are being automatically updated on all servers that are DOWN. The update will be over in half an hour.

    IMPORTANT: Thank you for understanding and for your patience. VeryGames is not reponsible for these plugin compatibility issues. We are doing our BEST to update your plugins when it's possible so that you don't have to bother. We will try and give you updates about the problem as often as we can.

    The VeryGames team
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