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[Server Presentation] [EU/FR] Click ! Boom ! Vanilla+ Leveling/InfoPanel/FurnaceX2

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  • [Server Presentation] [EU/FR] Click ! Boom ! Vanilla+ Leveling/InfoPanel/FurnaceX2

    [Presentation] [EU/FR] Click ! Boom ! Vanilla+ Leveling/InfoPanel/FurnaceX2

    Hello everybody !

    Click ! Boom ! server open his doors. This server aims at remaining faithful to basic Rust (Vanilla), but with some small improvements to give him more interest and attractive.

    Rates Vanilla
    System of xp to give an interest to the farming resources.
    Furnaces speed x2
    Stacks Vanilla

    RULES :

    GLOBAL :
    - It’s forbidden to build in caves or icebergs at the risk of remove of the base.
    - Respect yourselves and have fun, it’s the morst important.

    List of Plugins :

    • AntiCheat -> As his name indicates it, he allows to prevent the cheateurs from damaging.

    • Chathanler -> Modify the color of the information in the chat.
    • KillFeed -> Allows informations in game about fights.
    • InfoPanel -> Allows interface in game for more informations..
    • QuickSmelt -> Modify furnaces speed.
    • TwigsDecay -> Allows slow down deterioration of the outer walls.
    • ZLevelsRemastered ->Add one system of xp for the farming resources to return him more attractive for the players.

    Good game everybody and has very soon on Click ! Boom !