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Server does not launch.

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  • Server does not launch.

    I bought a server yesterday and I wanted to launch it, but when the control panel says it is online, I still can not see it on the list in game. I tried it with several set-ups, it didn't work. I also read about the service issues of Space Engineers servers, but only after I rented it, because it wasn't visible on the main site (little bit unfair in my opinion). Now I would have a few questions:
    - How long will it take to repair this service?
    - In the description of the problem, I only read about the "map creation issues" and that the "feature is no longer functional at this time from the control panel". Is that means it's otherwise functional if I configure it manually, or it doesn't work at all?
    - I saw servers online, on some of them player even played on. How can I set-up my server to achieve that?