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  • Teamspeak copy

    My server currently uses a community based teamspeak from this host that I manage with secondary access. We will call this teamspeak A. Since our community has split between different areas of the game, we want to open a second account on verygames but have the ability to copy all the permissions/channels/servergroups to our new teamspeak so that all of our hard work securing and setting up everything is transferred to teamspeak B. The only change would be the new IP or port. I know we can use winscp or putty for exports but is there another alternative since the admins will not give out the root passwords or transfer services like this? We want both teamspeak A and B to be up and running with the only difference being a port. Can the primary teamspeak holder actually export a full backup to his computer or is it tied to the backups that are in the web interface only? Any information would be greatly appreciated.