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  • Change Offer Server

    I'm sorry, may be this is not the correct forum for my question,

    I've just try to change my TS2 server to TS3.
    I contacted with support before today and they told it was possible to do it.

    I've followed the steps,
    1.- Cancel my PayPal susbcrption payment of my TS2 server
    2.- The administration panel reported I have 152 days left now
    3.- Now It's suppossed VeryGames refound this balance in tokens as they wrote in my open support question try to pay in Tokens, but NOT, THEY HAVE NOT DONE IT!
    4.- I try to pay in Tokens and the system reports I have not Tokens at all!

    Please I need to solve this immediately.
    I dont mind if I can call to VG support but I cannot find a phone number.

    Thank you so much.

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    Click at the link and make a support ticket!