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Why won't the panel work?

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  • isa95520
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    Can be that games lag, Dispatch a ticket in the support so that they repair problem

    PS:I have try to translate your sentence, I am not English, I am French, good CORN

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  • templer
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    Why won't the panel work?

    server, recently leased for game Call of Duty 2 will not allow me the acces the option in control panel "my server" which prevents me fromx fixing the game mod currently on the server someone help please?

    but when i put other games on it allows me to edit "my server"

    ps. i can't seam to locate where to change the rcon password anywhere, anyone know where i can find the copy i was given when i got the server or how to set one?

    ps2. sorry for bad french google translate can only do so much ^^