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How to redeem tokens if I have a long-term subscription going?

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  • How to redeem tokens if I have a long-term subscription going?

    I'd like to use the Cash4Clan feature to let my guild members contribute to the cost of our Mumble server.

    I see that when you renew your server you can choose to use Paypal, Wire Transfer or Tokens, but is there any way to use up your tokens before charging paypal when a subscription already exists?

    I'd like to lock in for a year to save money, but it seems like if I do that, any donations my members make will just sit in the account as tokens until the end of that year, when I could apply them to a new subscription.

    If I cancel the subscription mid-way to use up any tokens I have, my expiry date gets prorated back to the monthly rate, then I have to re-commit to a long term contract or choose a short one and get a smaller discount.

    It seems like Cash4Clan just doesn't fit in with a Paypal subscription very well. I'm tempted to just let my members send money to me via Paypal instead, because they will take the money from my Paypal account before transferring any out of my bank account as soon as the next charge comes in.

    Am I confused, or is this just how Cash4Clan works?