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My server [#6417] is down ...

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  • My server [#6417] is down ...

    Hello from today 6:00 CEST (after daily auto restart) my server [#6417] went down

    i tried already reinstallation restarts i tried like dozen options i reconnect rcons etc u have it all in my logs

    And my server is still down

    I have other one and it works [#6894]

    few hours ago I have already posted Ticket

    So plz help or give me some info what is going on and when it will be fixed plz.

    Best regards

    Magdalena Ashantell

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    Hello armystrikeshell,

    We're sorry for the delay to answer your request, yesterday was a national holiday in France, and our support was closed.

    I will take a look at your ticket right away, and we'll let you know in the ticket as soon as your problem is fixed.

    Best regards,