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DDOS ?? - Each 1 hour it goes down for no reason

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  • DDOS ?? - Each 1 hour it goes down for no reason

    I have bought 24 slot BF3 server #126 yesterday. From the very begining it does not work as it should. Each 1 hour it goes down for no reason -- from my side i checked all stuff i could - i disconnected all rcon tools and it still does not work as it should. When i try to restart after it goes down - it freezes in your control panel what takes sometimes around 20 minutes ....

    Around 14:40 2015-01-28 CEWT it also (but so far only one time) also my other server went down #6894 with #126
    I reinstalled #126 few times and it did not helped.
    (did my others servers went down also i do not know i did not have players then on them). When servers goes down i know it from players that suddenly spam me on all possible contacts that it does not work. Around 14:00 from what i have observed server #126 went down as usual but #6894 was still on - with 24 players.

    I have 5 servers in your company with mumbles and web hosting. Till now i was preaty happy with your services.
    Now i would like you to fix this ASAP becouse i am loosing players becouse of this.

    I would like you to change machine and ip adress of my brand new server #126 - i would like to get ip that was not targeted as DDos attacks becouse what is happening looks like that.
    I am not interested in fixing this problem on your side i wish not sacrafice more time to your problem so either You will change ip #126 and (if needed machine) and make this work or you can cancel my server and give me my money back.

    For future contact - you shoud see that server goes down- You should have logs i do not have to. I get like +-20 mails when server goes down from players.