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    MY name is Axia, I am one of the leaders of a developer team that is working to bring Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to the competitive community again. The better way to show you what I mean is showing you the website made by NTAuthority. If you check you will realise all the amazing features that he brings to this long forgotten game.

    Right now we are updating PROMOD (competetive MOD to PRO gamers), making an anticheat, creating cups and ladders that will be sponsored by ROCCAT and we want to ask you if you want to consider selling servers from this game.

    Regarding the legality of the FourDeltaOne project:
    This project is created by the main developers from the project and is 100% open source and fully legal.
    This mod just adds to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 all of the elements that should had been there in the first place like dedicated servers, mods support and other things without modifying the original code.
    Also, as proof, I present to you an e-mail sent from one of the main developers of the project to one of Activision's Attorneys: Mr. Marc E. Mayer ""
    Here is the aforementioned e-mail:

    we created PROMOD and since then we have been testing it and we have a stable version but we cannot sell servers to the community, and we know you are a leading company in this gaming sector and we would be more than glad to explain to you how you can set this up and we can bring you to full speed in all the details about this game and the servers.

    We will be more than glad to answer to further questions or concerns, just let me know.

    Thank you for your consideration,