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besoin d'aide pour un reglage plugin

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  • besoin d'aide pour un reglage plugin

    bonsoir à tous,

    je voudrais un coup main pour m'aider a regler ce plugin

    je voudrais juste retirer les flashbang et flash, j'ai regarder un peu dans le csdm.cfg mais je comprend rien

    merci pour votre aide

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    Modifie ton fichier csdm.cfg et met sa:

    ;CSDM Configuration File
    ; Default settings by BAILOPAN
    ;You must be running the Main plugin for this section
    ;Sets whether CSDM is enabled or not.
    enabled = 1
    ;Sets whether or not players should be stripped of weapons on round start
    ; (excludes knife)
    strip_weapons = 1
    ;Sets how long weapons should stay on the ground for after being dropped
    ;in seconds.  note that enabling this can create lots of lag for clients 
    ; AND server.  0 is immediate, -1 is infinite.
    weapons_stay = 0
    ;Sets the spawn mode.
    ; "none" - users spawn at normal map spawn points
    ; "preset" - csdm_spawn_preset.amxx required, uses predefined spawns in config files
    ; -- others may be supplied by 3rd party plugins
    spawnmode = preset
    ;Sets whether the bomb is removed
    remove_bomb = 1
    ;Sets the spawn waiting time
    spawn_wait_time = 0.75
    ;You must be running the FFA plugin for this section
    ;Set whether free for all mode is enabled by default
    enabled = 0
    ;Set whether the radar is scrambled (0) or hidden at all (1)
    radar_disable = 0
    ;You must be running the Misc plugin for this section
    ;Map objectives are removed by their flags.
    ; a - as_ maps
    ; b - buyzones are removed
    ; c - cs_ maps
    ; d - de_ maps
    remove_objectives = abcd
    ;Blocks people from using all buy commands
    block_buy = 1
    ;Auto-refills ammo when it gets depleted
    ammo_refill = 1
    ;Says a radio command to a player when they respawn
    spawn_radio_msg = 0
    ;Hide money if block_buy is 1
    hide_money = 1
    ;Hide timer if remove_objectives is acd or abcd
    hide_timer = 1
    ;You must be running the Stripper plugin for this section
    ;Is stripping entities enabled?
    enabled = 1
    ;write here the list of entities You want to remove from the map
    ;It's not recommended to put more then these listed below.
    ;HL sometimes behaves strange when You want to remove some entities
    ;so the plugin author cannot give You the warranty it will work
    ;with all entities You will write here. 
    ;These default ones below are tested and the game is not crashing with them
    class = player_weaponstrip
    class = game_player_equip
    class = item_healthkit
    class = item_battery
    class = armoury_entity
    class = item_longjump
    ;You must be running the ticketing plugin for this section
    ;Is round ticketing enabled?
    enabled = 0
    ;Number of times a team can have players respawn before they stop
    ;being able to respawn or (if the ticketing_player is enabled)
    ;number of times the player is able to respawn during one round
    tickets = 10
    ;Shows the state of tickets: 0 - disabled, 1 - as HUD, 2 - as chat
    show_state = 1
    ;Ticketing is counted for team (0) or separatelly for each player (1)
    ticketing_player = 0
    ;You must be running the protection plugin for this section
    ;Is spawn protection enabled?
    enabled = 1
    ;Is glowing enabled if protection is on?
    glowing = 1
    ;Colors of glow shell, leave this in quotes
    ;The digits are R, G, B, A where A is the alpha transparency
    ; (as A gets higher, the glow shell is thicker)
    colorst = "255 0 0 200"
    colorsct = "0 0 255 200"
    colorsffa = "0 255 0 200"
    ;Number of seconds someone is protected after respawn.
    time = 3
    ;You must be running the equip plugin for these sections
    ;Equip Menu flags: 
    ; p - primary
    ; s - secondary
    ; a - armor
    ; g - grenade
    ; b - buy
    menus = ps
    ;Autoitem flags:
    ; a - armor
    ; h - helmet
    ; g - grenades
    ; d - defusekit (CTs only!)
    ; n - nightvision
    autoitems = ahg
    ;Grenade flags:
    ; f - flashbang
    ; h - he grenade
    ; s - smoke grenade
    grenades = s
    ;Sets number of flashbangs given if
    ; grenades are enabled
    fnadesnum = 2
    ;Enables the guns menu always when the players uses say "guns"
    always_allow_gunmenu = 0
    ;Format for weapon menus is:
    ;shortname "Display Name" menupage
    ;Change the '1' to a '0' to block the weapon
    ;Removing or moving things 
    ;  from the list will change the order of the menus!
    usp USP 1
    glock18 Glock 1
    deagle Deagle 1
    p228 P228 1
    elite Elite 1
    fiveseven "Five Seven" 1
    m4a1 M4A1 1
    ak47 AK47 1
    aug AUG 1
    sg552 SG552 1
    galil Galil 1
    famas Famas 1
    scout Scout 1
    awp AWP 1
    sg550 SG550 1
    m249 M249 1
    g3sg1 G3SG1 1
    ump45 "UMP 45" 1
    mp5navy "MP5 Navy" 1
    m3 M3 1
    xm1014 XM1014 1
    tmp TMP 1
    mac10 "Mac 10" 1
    p90 P90 1
    ;List weapons here the bots can randomly have
    ;The short name must match one in the list above
    ;You must be running the item mode plugin for this section
    ;Is item mode enabled?
    enabled = 0
    ;If set to 1, players will drop a pack of goodies when they die 
    ; (include weapon, ammo & jetpack); if set to 2  - same as one 
    ; but includes armor & heatlh also
    drop_packs = 0
    ;Sets the number of armor given by a battery. Default is 15.
    battery = 15
    ;Sets the number of health given by a medkit. Default is 15.
    medkit = 15
    ;Sets the time to wait for an item to reappear on its place. Default is 20 (0 = permanent)
    item_time = 20
    ;Sets how long packs stay on the ground. (Max is 30 seconds)
    drop_time = 10
    ;If set to 1 the item will not have the falling down effect. Default is 0.
    persistent_items = 0
    ;Sets how many he nades the user may keep in his hands. Default is 1.
    max_hnades = 1
    ;Sets how many flashbangs the user may keep in his hands. Default is 2.
    max_fnades = 2
    ;Sets how many smoke nades the user may keep in his hands. Default is 1.
    max_snades = 1
    ;Allows/disallows to use gun menu if item mode is enabled.
    ;For example to pickup ammo You need item mode enabled, but guns You may 
    ;want to get from the menu instead from the ground.
    no_gun_menu = 1
    ;Remove semicolons to restrict any of the following items
    ; or add the short weapon names of the weapons you want to restrict (m4a1, ak47, awp ...)
    Il restera plus que les fumigenes normalement ;)