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When does it ever make sense to use the M4 over the AUG?

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  • When does it ever make sense to use the M4 over the AUG?

    It's better at long range because of the scope. The advantage you get when holding an angle scoped with the AUG over the m4 is pretty ridiculous at lower levels of play. It helps you counter wide swings, it makes it easier to hit people jiggle peeking, it makes it easier to hit people in very tight angles, it makes bursting and tapping accurately much easier. It's also at least as good at close range as the M4. Retaking cache A from site, for example is so much easier with an AUG. You scope onto fork/A main, then can clear default with a super narrow peak and then quad the same way. I've probably had more 2-3 kill retakes on cache a in the last 2 weeks than in the past 3 months. And if you want to avoid to lower fire rate when scoped in, it's still as good as the m4 at least.
    It's so easy to use. I'm LEM with 1000 matches with the M4 and within 5-10 hours of using the AUG I'm literally better on CT side than I was before. It makes no sense to me how this is possible but it is, the recoil is just so easy to control that it takes almost no time to learn.
    It's price is at the point where you can always get it over the m4 except when you have around 4100 or so dollars, when you'd likely be getting a famas or ump instead anyways.
    What advantages does the m4 even have? At this point the only reason I can see for people to use it cause of comfort, sunk cost fallacy and being unaware how easy it is to get competent with the AUG (I certainly was)
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