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I can't start a modded server

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  • I can't start a modded server

    (Sorry but I do not know french, so if it's permitted I'll write in english).

    Hello, I've been trying to open a modded server with an external pack (Magiculture2, since this one isn't pre-installed) but I wasn´t able to do so. All I managed too do is to open the server in vanilla, but when I change the "minecraft_server" to "forge-1.12.2-14etc", the game won't detect the server (A red message in the server selec screen appears saying "Error when connecting to the server"). So far what I've done to get the server working is:

    -Download the serverfiles of the modpack from curseforge, which includes the folders: scripts, mods, libraries and config, aswell as the files minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar, forge-1.12.2-, and a README.txt. (This one says that in order to set the server, I have to execute the forge-XXXXX.jar file once so the eula.txt file appears and then execute it again in order to open the server, but when double-clicking on it, it won't do anything. Instead, if I do so with the minecraft_server, it will do as told in the readme.txt, but that's not what I want since that's for vanilla).

    -Copy and pasted all the files into the FTP

    -Created a new game in the Games tab, with openmod 1.0. After that I changed the currently activated game and changed the version to forge-[...]-universal.jar.

    -Did some editing in the in the Config tab

    After all that, I opened Minecraft (from Twitch, since I downloaded the modpack-client to play there) and once I was in the game, added the server. And then after adding the server, it goes as I told you at the beggining: the server runs in vanilla but not in modded.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? I've been looking for hours and cant figure it out.


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    It seems that when adding files to FTP, there were a lot of them missing. Seems like the service didn't feel like including them, so I had to do it manually. I've been checking file to file that everything is correct and the only things missing are 6 files which the service won't let me upload ("Browser error uploading nameofthefile.extension"). I've been trying to make the server work for more than 6 hours and still got nothing. I would REALLY appreciate an answer in order to fix this since I had to spend money in a service that doesn't work propperly.