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    [CS:S] plug'in [MATCH]

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    tu as install ?? tu as trouvé facile d'utlisation ?


    Vi je me suis permis de l installer :)


    Quand a l utilisation fo si faire


    c est comme tout


    j ai meme commance un traduction du fichier de dial.


    Mais mon anglais est sommaire et mon francais plein d anglissisme.. donc pas facil a traduire :)



    pour ceux qui ont meilleur vocabulaire que moi


    // Important information :
    // 1. Do not exchange the %s and %d and the sequence , because they are needed to display dynamic information !!!!!
    // 2. Leave the @xxx: as it is, only translate the text
    // Chat Messages
    @001:ADMIN %s: Le match commance \"%s\"
    @002:ADMIN %s: Le match est STOPPE
    @003:ADMIN %s: Le match recommance
    @004:ADMIN %s: switched the teams
    @005:ADMIN %s: forced the start of a half
    @006:* [CMP-Match] Le mot de passe est : |  %s  |
    @007:* [CMP-Match] Match already in progress
    @008:* [CMP-Match] Execution de la config FFA (ffa.cfg)
    @009:* [CMP-Match] No match to restart
    @010:* [CMP-Match] No match to stop
    @011:* [CMP-Match] Switching teams...
    @012:* [CMP-MATCH] prise d un  screenshot...
    @0013* [CMP-Match] %s(CT) vs %s(T)
    @014:* [CMP-Match] Warmup Time...
    @015:* [CMP-Match] Les Teams ne sont pas READU.
    @016:* [CMP-Match] %s sont ready. Et Attendent les %s d etre Ready.
    @017:* [CMP-Match] CT sont ready. Et Attendent les T  d etre Ready..
    @018:* [CMP-Match] T sont ready. Et Attendent les CT  d etre Ready..
    @019:* [CMP-Match] Quand votre Team est PRETE: say ready.
    @020:* [CMP-Match] Si votre Team n est pas Prete : say notready.
    @021:* [CMP-Match] Le match commance quand Tout le monde aurra dit : ready.
    @022:* [CMP-Match] L admin commance le match.
    @023:* [CMP-Match] ALLER LE MATCH COMMANCE  !!!
    @024:* [CMP-MATCH] Recording a HTLV-Demo : %s 
    @026:* [CMP-MATCH] Recording a demo on your PC: %s 
    @027:* [CMP MATCH] Stopped recording the demo.
    @029:* [CMP-Match] 1st half starting.
    @030:* [CMP-Match] 2nd half starting.
    @031:* [CMP-Match] BON MATCH  !!! GET READY !!! 
    @032:* [CMP-Match] Votre team n est pas prete. Get ready to play! 
    @033:* [CMP-Match] Vous etes pres. Get ready to play! 
    @034:* [CMP-Match] Votre team n est pas pret. SVP PREPAREZ VOUS  
    @035:* [CMP-Match] vous n etes pas prets. SVP PREPAREZ VOUS
    @036:* [CMP-MATCH] The match has already started! 
    @038:* [CMP-MATCH] Cette Armes n est pas permise %s 
    @039:for that team
    @040:* [CMP-Match] AUCCUN MATCH a restarter
    @041:* [CMP-Match] You won the kniferound %d s to choose Team
    @042:* [CMP-Match] say CT to choose CT-Team say T to choose T-Team
    @043:* [CMP-Match] You lost the kniferound. Wait for other Team...    
    @044:* [CMP-Match] Team %s has choosen Counter-Terrorist
    @045:* [CMP-Match] Team %s has choosen Terrorist
    @046:* [CMP-Match] Kniferound Time elapsed --> Match starts
    @047:* [CMP-Match] Kniferound Your Team can not choose
    @048:* [CMP-Match] Access REFUSER AUCX NON ADMIN
    @049:* [CMP-Match] You must set sv_pausable 1 to pause a match !!!
    //Hud Messages
    @100:--[ Match : %s vs %s ]--
    @101:--[ Match Changer ]--
    @102:--[ %s stopped the match ]--
    @103:--[ Warmup Time ]--
    @104:--[ !!! En Direct !!! ]--
    @105:Warmup Time %d:%02d
    @106:Warmup Time %02ds
    @107:CT ready: %d / T ready: %d
    @108:--[ BOTH TEAMS ARE READY !!! ]--
    @109:--[ %s sont prets ]--
    @110:--[ CT sont prets ]--
    @111:--[ T sont prets ]--
    @112:3 restarts et le match se lance
    @113:Match commance apres  3 restarts !
    @114:%s sont prets!
    @115:--[ %s aren't ready anymore! ]--
    @116:--[ CT aren't ready anymore! ]--
    @117:--[ T aren't ready anymore! ]--
    @118:%s ne sont pas pret
    @119:1st Half Finished: %s %d / %d %s
    @120:Le MATCH. GAGNER par : %s. Score de %d a %d. MERCI a %s de votre participation
    @121:NO ONE!!! %d/%d OVERTIME(mr%d)
    @122:NO ONE!!! Draw match %d/%d
    @123:--[ %s has restarted the match ]--
    @124:--[ Knife Round ]--
    @125:Match finished: %s %d / %d %s

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