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    [RESOLU] No race sur war3ft


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    Bonjour a tous j'ai parcourus tout les forums et google en vain...


    Je viens d'installer le mod War3ft tout ce passe bien sauf que nous n'avons accès a aucune races!!!


    Si quelqu'un sais faire peut il m'aider ou me donner l'adresse d'un tuto




    Cordialement Mobius

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    // Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Configuration File



    // Saving Options


    wc3_save_xp 1 // Enables saving of experience (default is 0)

    wc3_save_xp_db 1 // How should we save XP? (0 = SQLite, 1 = MySQL)


    wc3_save_by 0 // What should I save this as? steam id = 0, IP = 1, name = 2 (default is 0)

    wc3_save_pruning 0 // Automatically prunes the database of old users at a mapchange (default is 0)

    wc3_days_before_delete 31 // However many days before deleting XP or pruning from the database (default is 31)

    wc3_save_end_round 1 // Save xp at the end of each round (may cause lag, default is 1)



    // SQL Database Information


    wc3_sql_dbhost "localhost" // Host Name

    wc3_sql_dbuser "root" // User Name

    wc3_sql_dbpass "" // Password

    wc3_sql_dbname "" // Database Name



    // Admin Options


    wc3_admin_flag "m" // Admin flag required to give/take XP (default is m)



    // Experience Options


    wc3_xp_multiplier 1.0 // set the level required to gain a level as a multiple (default 1.0)

    wc3_xp_weap_multiplier 1 // Award XP based on the weapon used (default is 1)

    wc3_min_players 2 // Minimum amount of players needed b4 awarding XP (default is 2)

    wc3_ignore_bots 0 // Ignore bots, spectators, and HLTV when calculating minimum players required to gain XP? (default is 0)

    wc3_xp_auto_average 0 // With this option set to 1, the joining players will receive the average amount of XP that all of the players have (SHORT TERM XP ONLY, default is 0)

    wc3_show_objectives 1 // If enabled, will display message in chat to show XP they gain for completing certain objectives (default is 1)

    wc3_show_kill_obj 0 // Shows how much XP you gain for killing someone (each kill, default is 0)

    wc3_xp_radius 750 // Radius to give XP to teammates near where the special objective is completed (rescued hosties, bomb planted, killed vip, vip escaped, default is 750)



    // Game Play Enhancements


    wc3_races 8 // Number of races (if races are less than 5, the second shopmenu will be disabled (4 is standard war3), default is 8)

    wc3_grenade_protection 0 // Only 1 HE grenade will be allowed for purchase per round (default is 0)

    wc3_spec_position 0 // 0 is for left, 1 is for right (where to put the information for those spectating, default is 0)

    wc3_buy_zone 0 // Restrict purchasing shopmenu items to within the buyzone? (default is 0)

    wc3_buy_time 0 // Restrict purchasing shopmenu items to within the buytime? (default is 0)

    wc3_buy_dead 1 // Allow users to purchause items when dead? (default is 1)

    wc3_show_player 1 // Show teammate and enemy information in the center of the screen when they are on target? (not for DOD, default is 1)

    wc3_query_client 1 // Check user's cl_minmodel cvar every second (default is 1)

    wc3_cheats 0 // Enable cheats for wc3? (default is 0)

    wc3_psychostats 1 // Print psychostats information to log files for wc3 abilities? (default is 0)

    wc3_start_level 0 // What level should all players start at when joining? (default is 0)


    // Icon Options (displayed above player's head)


    wc3_race_icon 1 // Allow users to type /icons to show player icons above the player (default is 1)

    wc3_level_icon 1 // Allow users to type /icons to see player levels above the player (default is 1)



    // Chameleon Race Configuration Options - see _chameleon.txt for more information


    wc3_cham_random 1 // Should the 9th race have random skills each round?, if so the next 4 option are irrelevant (default is 1)

    wc3_cham_skill1 14 // What skill ID for skill 1?

    wc3_cham_skill2 0 // What skill ID for skill 2?

    wc3_cham_skill3 6 // What skill ID for skill 3?

    wc3_cham_ultimate 7 // What skill ID for the user's ultimate?

    wc3_cham_passive 20 // What skill ID for the user's passive skill?



    // Skill and Ultimate configurations


    wc3_ult_delay 15.0 // Amount of time (in seconds) to delay the ultimates at the start of each round (default is 15.0)

    wc3_ult_cooldown 35.0 // Cooldown of all ultimates (default is 35.0)

    wc3_blink_protection 1 // slays people who abuse blink on some maps (skywalking, map exploiting, default is 1)

    wc3_blink_dizziness 0 // What type of diziness? (0 is flashbang effect, 1 is fading blue screen, default is 0)

    wc3_entangle_drop 0 // Should the player's primary weapon be dropped when they are entangled? (default is 0)



    // Item configurations


    wc3_glove_timer 10 // Interval between receiving a new grenade with the Flaming Gloves of Warmth (default is 10)

    wc3_glove_orc_damage 0 // When using gloves, should orcs be given the critical dmg? (Default is 0)

    wc3_boots 0.10 // Percentage increase given by boots (.10 = 10%, default is 0.10)

    wc3_claw 6 // Damage done by Claws of Attack (default is 6)

    wc3_health 15 // Health bonus given for periapt of health (default is 15)

    wc3_frost 125.0 // Speed of victim when attacked with Orb of Frost (default is 125.0)

    wc3_mask 0.3 // Percentage of life gained back by mask of death (default is 0.3)

    wc3_cloak 150 // Invisibility given with cloak, lower is more invisible (default is 150)

    wc3_sock 0.5 // Gravity level for Sock of the Feather (default is 0.5)

    wc3_tome 50 // XP given for purchasing tome of experience (default is 50)



    // Bot Configuration Options


    wc3_bot_buy_item 0.33 // Chance of a bot buying a shopmenu item at the beginning of the round (default is 0.33)



    // DOD Options


    wc3_dod_start_money 800 // Starting money for dod

    Edited by Mobius
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