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    Team RAGERS need support

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    This is Edoardo from Italy, manager and player of "ex" Team RAGERS of call of duty 4.

    I say "ex" because we are currently supported by Aspiration Gaming and we took this name now..but they are not active managing and the website is really crap with no news not even

    about us and our awards. Talking about us and our awards. When SpringLAN 2010 was announced I really wanted to go there even with a mix team..I managed to get some players

    but we never made a proper war all 5 together so we went to this lan just for "fun".

    Out of 20 teams we got 5th place with full money back prize after the TOP 4 Italian Teams.

    Really happy about this award I managed to get some more active players

    and now we feel more confident and we are working hard with good result for our team play.

    We mainly love LAN events...but we can't afford them. We are a solid group of people

    not leavers and we feel now like TOP italian team. We'd love to go European LANs to face offline some of these teams that online with this random bot skill can't handle..I'll show some links now about our awards.


    my xfire is : eddo87

    feel free to ask me anything about future plans




    http://www.virusgaming.net/images/clanwar-screens/1031_1275819741.jpg ( preinvite team)

    http://www.virusgaming.net/images/clanwar-screens/1031_1275819920.jpg ( academy team)

    http://www.virusgaming.net/images/clanwar-screens/1031_1275819950.jpg ( academy team)

    http://www.virusgaming.net/images/clanwar-screens/1031_1275819983.jpg ( academy team)

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