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    affichage des dmg


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    language.amx ; language management

    admin.amx ; admin base (required for any admin-related)

    //admin_mysql.amx ; admin base - MySQL version (comment admin.amx)

    admincmd.amx ; basic admin console commands

    //adminhelp.amx ; help command for admin console commands

    //adminslots.amx ; slot reservation

    menufront.amx ; front-end for admin menus

    cmdmenu.amx ; command menu (speech, settings)

    plmenu.amx ; players menu (kick, ban, client cmds.)

    //restmenu.amx ; restrict weapons menu

    mapsmenu.amx ; maps menu (vote, changelevel)

    //antiflood.amx ; prevent clients from chat-flooding the server

    adminchat.amx ; console chat commands

    adminvote.amx ; vote commands

    nextmap.amx ; displays next map in mapcycle

    timeleft.amx ; displays time left on map

    mapchooser.amx ; allows to vote for next map

    scrollmsg.amx ; displays a scrolling message

    //imessage.amx ; displays information messages

    //welcomemsg.amx ; console motd @ client connection (Hard to see in Steam)

    statsx.amx ; stats on death or round end (CSStats Module required!)

    stats_logging.amx ; weapons stats logging (CSStats Module required!)

    //telemenu.amx ; teleport menu (Fun Module required!)

    miscstats.amx ; bunch of events announcement for Counter-Strike

    pausecfg.amx ; allows to pause and unpause some plugins

    statscfg.amx ; allows to manage stats plugins via menu and commands

    mapconfig.amx ; executes custom map configuration files














    ; Add custom plugins below


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    Montres nous les plugins que tu as ... Commande serveur "amx plugins".


    Montre nous le résultat de la commande serveur amx plugins !!!

    Fait aussi meta list par la meme occasion.



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