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    Wcs v0.78 bug ?


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    Donc voila comme le titre le précise, j'ai installé wcs v0.78 sur mon serveur,

    J’ai mis des races jusque là ca va, mais le problème c'est que les pouvoir, on les voit pas.

    Enfin je ne sais pas comment expliqué mais avant la version orange box par exemple pour la première race on voyait des lignes rouges quand on gagne les HP en tirant sur l'ennemi, pour la 2 ème race, quand on utilisait l'ultimate, y'avais une fumé noir, mtn ya plus rien de ca, c embêtant -_-, donc j'aimerais qu'on voit les pouvoir svp et aussi ya des ultimates qui fonctionne pas, comme enlevé les damages, ca fait pas. Et aussi les serpents war, ils ne font aucun damage.

    Donc voila, merci d'avance.


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    Le voila : http://warcraft-source.com/board/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=17


    Et voila les updates :


    Version v0.78.5g.4b:


        [ADDED] The possibility to choose the maximum amount of items a player can buy in 1 item section (requested by: Druid)
       [ADDED] Drunk in core/expand
       [FIXED] core/wcstop to not raise a error when unpacking the values
       [FIXED] core/expand spawn to properly respawn the player (fix by: MiB)
       [FIXED] addons/shopmenu where it'd reset the cash on round end (only for games which is not CSS)
       [FIXED] core/shopmenu where if you had 2 items, only 1 of them would get executed
       [FIXED] extension/cstrike to not throw a error if the userid from the events is not found
       [FIXED] strings/items.ini a typo in anti
       [FIXED] addons/freelevels to not raise a error if the userid wasn't found (reported by: Psycho)
       [FIXED] ultimates/default2 where roots would target your self, and not the enemys (reported by: HooHaa)
       [FIXED] tools/commands in spawn where it'd see the 3rd arg are True no matter what the value was (reported by: MiB)
       [FIXED] core/expand in damage where it'd raise a error if the damage was a float (reported by: MiB)
       [FIXED] addons/wcsCadmin where it'd stop loading the addon (reported by: MiB)
       [FIXED] addons/levelbank where it'd raise a error if the player wasn't in the database (reported by: Kami)
       [FIXED] tools/setfx if there was a delay, it'd not get set to the correct value (thanks MiB)
       [FIXED] ini/items.ini where it said "est_spawn" which'd be "wcs spawn"
       [FIXED] addons/other to reset the "ulti_immunity" key (reported by: A lot)
       [NEW FILES] core/restrict
       [uPDATED] tools/console with a new command: wcs_getindex <var> <userid> (requested by: MiB)
       [uPDATED] tools/svar/var.txt with tmp1-15 (requested by: MiB)
       [uPDATED] core/expand with a new function: changeTeam (by MiB)
       [uPDATED] tools/commands with a new command: changeteam
       [uPDATED] tools/xrestrict to use the functions from core/restrict
       [uPDATED] wcs/wcs.py to reload WCSadmins and WCSgroups on map start, so server owners can easily add new admins directly in the database
       [uPDATED] ini/strings.ini with new text for shopmenu
       [uPDATED] ini/items.ini with a new key (maxitems) for the categorys
       [uPDATED] core/shopmenu to support maximum items in a specific category
       [uPDATED] core/shopinfo with information to buy items with the "new" (I think I added it in v0.78.5g.2 or something) say/client command to buy items fast (which is wcsbuyitem)
       [uPDATED] wcs/wcs.py the tell function, so it doesn't tell anything if the text is empty
       [uPDATED] tools/nearcoord to use es.server.insertcmd() instead of es.server.queuecmd()
       [uPDATED] core/expand in the damage function, so it gets executed in a better, while still doing its job
       [uPDATED] core/expand drug with a new syntax
       [uPDATED] tools/commands with a new version of drug and the new command: drunk
       [uPDATED] extension/cstrike to include 4 new events for races and shopmenu items: hostage_rescued,bomb_planted,bomb_defused,bomb_exploded
       [uPDATED] extension/cstrike to include 3 new events for races and shopmenu items: player_flashexplode,player_heexplode,player_smokeexplode (by MiB)


    Ps : Help svp

    Edited by LE CH@C@LE
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