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    [Iconomy] Argent non sauvegarder


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    Je n'arrive pas a conserver l'argent que tout le monde possède malgrè diverse solution que j'ai vu sur le forum, Quelqu'un pourrais m'aider ? Merci =p


    # iConomy Settings
       # The name of your currency
       Currency: $
       # The initial balance a player logs on with
       Initial_Balance: 30
           # Should we log transactions?
           Enabled: true
           # Should we use this system?
           Enabled: true
           # How many seconds for this to happen
           IntervalSeconds: 180
           # Leave this at 0.0 if you wish to use Min/Max!
           # Otherwise, this will over-ride that.
           # This is the DIRECT amount, it's not dynamic and will not change.
           FlatRate: 0.0
           # How much minimum money do they get per interval
           MinimumPerInterval: 1
           # How much maximum money do they get per interval
           MaximumPerInterval: 2
           # Can be MySQL, or SQLite
           Type: SQLite
           # Should balances be cached and saved when requested (true)
           # Or do you wish for it to be constantly grabbing the balance
           # from the database (false)
           Cache: false
           # Name of the database
           Name: minecraft
           # Table, Flatfile uses this as the file name.
           Table: iConomy
               # MySQL Login Username
               Username: root
               # MySQL Login Password
               # MySQL Connection Hostname (IP)
               Hostname: localhost
               # MySQL Connection Port Number
               Port: 3306

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    Guest Invité

    Peut-être que c'est un problème de base de donnée ; si tu a un Hébergement Web chez VeryGames essaye de changer ton fichier au niveau de Database.

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