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    OK guys, let me be the first to advertise his server in this forum.


    The server address is:


    You can leave the port number out, since it is standard.


    Anyway, we have some rules on the server:


    1. NO Griefing allowed!!!!

    2. Do not steal from others, we are willing to help when we got some free time, no need to steal.

    3. Check out our website regulary since we are just starting, you may find some news about any changes or upgrades etc.

    4. The website is monitored by mcbans.com, if you have a global ban you can't connect to our server, just go to www.mcbans.com look up your name and check the reason why you got banned and how to undo this.

    5. We don't cheat on our server, we are working on a ingame economy and this will allow you to get all the materials you need for prices that are transferred to the map's rarity, still work in progress.

    6. If we find that you got some superpowers and use that on our server, you may risk a ban, so better not to use them at all, this includes flying and any other kind of hack.

    7. The server is not PVP, so attacking other players does not make any sense and is not appreciated, we are working on special area's for PVP though.

    8. The server is rented, this means it is fast, but also has limitations, right now only 2.250.000 blocks can be explored, and we allready reached this limit, so please don't go explore yourself, instead use /warp city and if the admin is online he will give you build rights, after you aggreed on a certain build site.

    9. Always be nice to others, if they don't treat you nice, just send a private message in chat, for instance /m RadioMan71 [Playername] stole my diamond sword.

    10. When a sign tells you not to do something, then don't do this, unless you have permission of the owner of this sign (signs outside houses are placed by me or the mod, so ask them for more info.

    11. This is probably the most important thing, always be nice to others, most importantly to me (users RadioMan71 and RadioMania) because I pay for this server and when you don't like me or anything, just leave the server, there are alot of others, just don't give me ideas that I don't want to continue with the server anymore, because there are others that do like to be on this server.

    12. The server admin always has the final word.


    OK hope you can live with these rules and maybe I meet you on my server soon.

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