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    I am new to this Dedicated Server thing. I want to know if it is possible to use a different server mod besides the original minecraft server and craftbukkit. I dislike them and they are difficult to use. I have a server mod called Canary which is like Hey0's mod. So I would like to know if I can install it on the server I purchased.

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    Hello ,


    If I'm understand your question,

    you can use Minecraft Openmod TEST but it's no easy for a beginner and you must manage your minecraft update alone :-)

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    So does this mean that I could use any Server mod I want. Like Hmod, Canary, etc.


    Hmmmm, if this is what it sounds like it sure does begin to sound interesting.

    I thought you were only able to edit the minecraft-server.jar file and place some single player mods inside there, but if it is possible to allow myself to update bukkit this way to any version I want, it would really mean a big difference, especially when some versions of the plugins you use still aren't fully updated to the latest craftbukkit build or in case of this server, the latest version of craftbukkit that gets installed, you may be able to choose the exact version of craftbukkit you want to run.


    Well all this probably sounds too good to be true after all.

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