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    Craftbukkit Plugin: Elevator Permission Help


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    Just wondering how I set permissions for the plugin elevator?


    The only commands I can do is /elev help and /elev permissions. It says that my permission is unknown aswell.


    The exact message is:

    You don't have the permission to acces this command level (basic) or your entered command is wrong. Type /elev help or /elev permission.


    /Elev help only gives me commands for if I actually had permission and /elev permission says: Your Permission level is: unknown.


    Can somebody help please?

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    Maybe this will help you, found it on the bukkit forum for elevators....



    Permission nodes:


    • elevators.builder - basic permission level, user can set up elevators.
    • elevators.advancedbuilder - advanced permission level, user can protect elevators with password / user list.
    • elevators.operator - ignores owner, passwords and user restrictions, can modify everything.

    so if you want certain users to build add elevaters.builder to the permissions of that group and I would recommend from reading this small piece of text to only give the admin the elevators.operator node, but I usually would choose in this case elevators.* for the admin group.


    Now I am not using this plugin myself so how everything else works you need to ask others, but these are the permissions.

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