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    Modes on normal VQS server


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    I was wondering if it were possible to add modes to a normal minecraft VQS server. Not craftbukkit or OPENMOD java test server. It was said in a earlier thread, that an "mode adding option" would be added to the server control board. I'm just asking, have this option been added yet? Or isn't it possible to do it on a normal VQS server?

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    I am not sure if I understand what you are asking here.


    Normal VQS Server is both Minecraft Server and caftbukkit, since you don't mean craftbukkit I think you are talking about Minecraft server, which does not support any plugins or mods, to add certain mods to this you have to change the minecraft_server.jar file yourself, use winrar and add mods to the file. Just like adding mods to the client version of minecraft.


    So if you mean with modes, mods, then I hope this answers your question.


    Otherwise you can change the server.propperties file to change game modes, like pvp mobs or no mobs etc etc., only thing is this will be overwritten again, so you need to go there through the custom my server / configs screen.

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    I will try to rewrite the question.

    I brought this server on verygames.co.uk, where I'm currently wondering if it is possible to add mods to the server that I brought. I do not seem to be albe to find the place where, I can change the minecraft_server.jar file on the server. So I'm just asking if I would have to change the server from the "normal minecraft one" to either craftbukkit or OPENMOD java, since they have more options.

    I'm just asking for some guidance on the "controlboard", that I get by looking in on my arcount on the homepage verygames.co.uk. I just want to know how I can install mods on the server that I brought, how to use the FTP access to do so.

    Hope this is a little easier to answer.

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    OK, sounds like you are probably looking for craftbukkit, you will be able to put any plugins (on craftbukkit mods are called plugins, but that could also be to state the difference between client and server)

    Anyway from inthere you can install several plugins through the autoplugin system or you can download your own and upload them again through ftp to the server in the folder games\minecraft\craftbukkit\plugins.


    I am also looking into openmod at the moment, but I think that it's much easier to work with craftbukkit instead, unless you have special needs.

    If you choose for craftbukkit server, you will be able to choose any available plugin you want, even the ones you create yourself in a rather easy setup, while openmod really is difficult.


    Explanation about the verygames control panel can be found here http://verywiki.net/en/VeryGames_panel_for_servers_Minecraft_VQS hope this answers your question.

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