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    A few questions about my minecraft VQS server..


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    Well, I've browsed the forums and haven't found much on the questions I have.

    Is there a tutorial on how exactly to access my FTP? I went to the site, signed in with my server account, yet I cannot EDIT any of the text that is in the files (even when I open with the computer files and not internet version), now I've seen that you have to sync it with the bukkit server software but I'm not exactly sure how to do this. That's my first concern.


    From that, I wish to know, can I have multiple worlds on my server? (not at once) because we seen to run out of space quite fast and don't wish to lose any of our work. When I have the server software running, how and can I do this?


    (which from there I'm sure its possible for one world to be a custom map so me and my friends can do those as well)


    So um, not sure if any of those questions were answered or seem noob-ish, but I really wish to know. I need to renew my server (pay) and before I do, I want to make sure I'm paying for what I really want to be used/accessed on my server. Please answer with the fullest of your knowledge, and thank you SO much to whom ever answers me!


    Sincerely, Vin.

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    Hello and welcome to verygames, even when you enter a new month allready,


    I don't know of any tutorial about FTP yet, but there are alot of FTP tutorials on the net and basically except with the login details they all come down to the same thing, just search for filezilla tutorial (the most used ftp client and it's free) on google and you may find what you need in there.

    Ofcourse since not every server is the same and you will always come across specific stuff you can ask them here and I will try to answer them or maybe even make a tutorial.


    Multiple worlds is possible, the not at once part is something I don't really understand though, you mean you want to switch worlds on your server so only one world stays loaded at the same time, this would be possible but is a bit more tricky then using specified plugins for this like multiverse, which allows multiple worlds at once.

    Anyway if you want to use a single world at your server, this can simply be done by stopping the server, renaming your current world folder to lets say world1 and renaming the new world folder (or let bukkit create a new world folder) to world.

    There are very few limitations on verygames server, besides the block limit and user limit, but the main world name can't be changed, since if you change your server.properties file it will be overwritten again to match the settings inside your subscription, I mean if you change userslots to 50 and have 6 userslots in your package, it will be overwritten again with 6 after the server restarts.


    Maybe it's an idea for verygames though to allow us to change the worldname inside the verygames panel.


    Anyway, if you mean editing the text through ftp inside the server.properties file this may have answered your question. But I am not sure what you mean exactly with sync with the bukkit server, so if I didn't allready answer that question correctly please try to explain what you mean with that.


    Also you can use a plugin named borderguard, but because minecraft not only loads the chunk you are standing on, but also (depending on your visibility settings) a number of chunks around you. This makes it kind of hard to setup in a good manner, I myself have a 5000x5000 mapsize and have borderguard setup at a radius of 2200, which will give me a 4400 x 4400 playable mapsize with 300 extra blocks on every side, I can use the 20% extra space in the corners, but I think I will never need those, so I won't get any warnings anymore. It may sound a bit silly but I can't force my players to use only visibility set to short and turn on fog to play the game, this also means you will never be able to use the full map you actually rent, but you won't have to worry about reaching the 120% barrier anymore.

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    Thanks, i got it to somewhat work. But (i got file zilla working logged in, working) but i want to know how to make multiple worlds now, 'cause i do have (had) bought a minecraft VQS. I just want another world so we dont run out of space..or is this only for like, a certain level of a package? If so, can you tell me how to gather the world file before i delete the world we made previously. (we built a huge town and we each want a copy of the world before restarting again). If thsi is possible, thanks for the help so far!

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    You can have multiple worlds on any server package of your choosing, it's just that I didn't quite understand you when you spoke about "not at once" it gave me the feeling that you wanted to switch the main world from time to time, but you can also switch worlds by using portals or doors or whatever by using this plugin....http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/misc-tp-fun-multiverse-v1-6-4-netherportals-to-multiple-worlds-766.3707/ If you have multiple servers or your friends have their own server, there is even a plugin that allows you to switch between servers, but this is extremely technical, also multiverse is kinda tricky to setup, but I think this will give you all you need eventually.

    When it comes to sharing the world to the users, it's simply more a question about do I want to do this than if its actually possible, you can download the world folder (after stopping the server, so nothing is locked in anyway) make a zip file of the world folder and upload this to a website you own or through services like megaupload.com and give the link you get there to your friends. It is not important that you zip this folder, but it is easier, since you only need to share one file and users can put this just by unpacking this file into their minecraft saves folder. I am not sure if the users have the same inventory as in multiplayer, so let them put their inventory in chests before you make this zip file and also remember that you will start from spawn when you open the world in single player. One other thing, bukkit plugins don't work in single player, so chest protection doesn't work for instance.

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