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    Citrix SMP Server | 24-7 | UK


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    This server has been set-up in the United Kingdom. This server is intended to be used as a SMP nothing more, nothing less. Protection is our main concern within the server so what i have done is added a few add-ons to allow you to protect your structures to stop people breaking your structures.


    Bring the fun:

    The server runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you can join at any time. we do allow anyone to connect but if you speak a different language to English we wont be able to help you since we simply don't understand the language you are speaking.

    As well as blood hungry zombies zombies chasing just wanting to come into your house to kill you, we have decided to make the game a bit more harder. we have added a add-on which which will do weather cycles so if it starts thunder and lightening you better pray your house isnt made out wood.


    The Rules:

    [1] Respect peoples structures

    [2] Can I have ..... PLEASE STOP ASKING ,you wont get if you ask

    [3] Respect everyone with in the server

    [4] Do not spam / Destory or Annoy any of the players

    Am not really much of a rule maker, Fun is the main goal



    First Impressions:


    A good first impression is RESPECT, treat people with respect and you will get along with everyone.


    If you come here and are disruptive your first time. Don't expect to come back the next day and act like you didn't do anything.


    What will get me Kick or Banned

    Basically breaking the rules also Racism and bad behaviour.


    Enjoy your time on the server and i will be seeing you around.



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    Brand new server



    Hello. Today i launch my new server which includes more addons, a bigger map, more slot space. More plugins are being installed as we speak but if you would like anything added to the server let me know and i will can take a look at it and think about it.




    Connection Details:

    To connect to my server you are needing to have a simple program called Hamachi download it is totally free. When you have the program installed you are going to have to join my network. Click on join existing network and then type in the Network ID: CitrixGamingServer there is no password. once entered into the network you are going to see a person in there called CitrixGamingServer copy and paste that IP Address into Minecraft. and there you go you are into my server





    Well the rules are pretty basic.

    [1] Do not mess with other peoples stuff

    [2] Do you not greif on the server

    [3] using hacks (Speedhack, inventoryhack, flying and X-Ray) are strictly forbidden on the server

    [4] Do not beg for a high rank. Time + Kindness is required to rank.



    See you around :)

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