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    VeryGames Contest #1 : A Minecraft VQSi server offered for one year !


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    Here is the Minecraft Workbench press release about this first contest :


    VeryGames Sponsored Contest – Win free server hosting for a year!





    We are excited to announce our largest contest yet, both in scope, and the prize! Our new server hosting company, and official partner, VeryGames has decided to sponsor a new Minecraft Workbench contest. The prize: a super-fast 20 slot Minecraft VQSi server for you and all of your friends to play on, decked out with all of the options, absolutely free for a full year! The VeryGames servers are hosted on state of the art hardware and run on a lightning fast network.


    OK, so the prize is definitely the biggest we’ve ever had, but how is this, the largest scoped contest we have had to date? Glad you asked!



    The Contest:

    This contest will be a team based video production effort! You will be writing, directing, shooting, and starring in a video commercial advertising VeryGames’ Minecraft VQS infinite server hosting!

    The Rules:

    Since this is a promotional video commercial contest, the rules for this contest will have some very specific requirements that must all be followed and present in order for your entry to be valid and qualify you for a chance to win the free server for a year.

    The commercial video may contain non-gameplay footage (i.e. real world acting etc.) but it must contain Minecraft gameplay footage.

    The supplied VeryGames server hosting video spot must be shown at the beginning of your commercial.

    The VeryGames logo and name must be built inside of Minecraft, and prominently shown at some point during your commercial.

    The Minecraft Workbench 20% off Promo code “MINECRAFTWB” must be included in your commercial. Make sure that viewers know to use this code when renting a new server for a whopping 20% off the normal price!

    The video must contain an ending splash screen with both the VeryGames and MinecraftWB website urls prominently displayed. (Listed Below)

    a. VeryGames URL:

    b. MinecraftWB URL:

    .The winning video will become the property of VeryGames, and may be used as promotional material advertising their Minecraft VQSi server hosting services.

    The use of copyrighted material is strictly forbiden! Video footage from Minecraft however is an exception as Notch has given permission for people to use footage and or screenshots.

    Video entries must be hosted with a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo to be submitted for the contest. (Just like prior contests, there will be a field to enter the url of your hosted video in the submission form.) Once the judging is complete and the winner is announced, the winning video file must be transferred to VeryGames staff, where it will become the property of VeryGames and they will have full rights to use it as they see fit. Upon submission of the video media to VeryGames the winning team will have accounts set up for them, and be given full admin access to their server (server stats listed below in “The Prize” section) for the duration of 1 full year.

    Teams will have until midnight CST, Sunday July 31st to submit their entries: REPEAT - ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECIEVED BY MIDNIGHT CST ON SUNDAY JULY 31st!

    The Prize:

    The prize for this contest will consist of 1 VeryGames hosted Minecraft VQSi server free of charge with the following specifications:

    Rental Period:
    1 Year

    User Slots:
    20 (number of people that can be logged in at once)

    Map Size:

    Server Ram Restrictions:


    Options and description

    5 GB of disk storage space

    Web based control panel for user, plugin and server configuration management.

    Unlimited number of world maps

    Ability to Upload your world from a previous single or multiplayer server.

    FTP access to the server

    Map Viewer Premium

    Backup Premium

    Support for CraftBukkit and compatible plugins - all managed from your control panel!

    Contest Judging:

    Contest entries will be judged by a panel of judges that may consist of both VeryGames and Minecraft Workbench staff. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

    - Overall Creativity

    - Commercial Script - Be creative, informative, and convincing!

    - Video Production Quality

    - Product Branding - (how well is VeryGames VQSi server hosting promoted)

    - VeryGames in-game Logo Display - (how well was the VeryGames logo both created and displayed in-game during your commercial.

    - Audience Appeal - (does your commercial make the viewer want to go play Minecraft with their friends and family on a VeryGames VQSi server?!)

    We hope that you enjoy this contest, and would like to once again thank VeryGames for their very generous sponsorship for this Minecraft Workbench Contest!


    As always you can find the links to submit your entries under the community - > current contest menu items. You do have to be a registered memeber of MCWB and be logged in to access this. For your convenience you can also get to the submission form [HERE].

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