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    my "MySQL" Info needed for website!


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    Hey im trying to add a plugin addon so users can view their levels on my website with levelcraft.

    but for my website i need my MySQL database info im not asking for my details i need to know how i can find them out.


    ExpLines: 7MySqlDatabaseUsername: root

    LevelCap: 100

    EnableLevelCap: true

    Database: FlatFile

    ColourGood: GREEN

    LevelConstant: 20

    EnableSkillMastery: true

    UnlockLines: 7

    MySqlDatabasePassword: ''

    ColourTwo: YELLOW

    ColourBad: RED

    LevelBypassers: p3ste

    NotifyAll: true

    MySqlDatabaseDirectory: localhost:****/minecraft (The stars are my number not sure i should be giving it out :lol:)

    Worlds: world,world_nether,

    AntiBoost: true

    ColourOne: GOLD




    thats what it asks for and i works on my server beacuse all that info is local but on my website it isnt so i need to know how i can find out this info for my website. thanks!

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