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    LWC severe issue with servers that auto updated from 3.31 -> 3.40


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    I am Tyler Blair, better known as Hidendra and I am the developer for LWC. Yesterday, LWC 3.40 was released and due to some circumstances had a minor issue with those servers with autoUpdate enabled. This "minor issue" turned out to be a much larger issue and within the mere hours 3.40 was out, many servers had already updated.


    When automatic updating is enabled on 3.40 it caused an infinite recursion case and any servers that had already updated could not auto update themselves to 3.41, which was released after the problem was discovered.


    This causes servers to not be able to start, and is currently causing a high load on the update server which has to take the force of this mistake (with all servers with 3.40 + auto update constantly connecting.) The servers continued to run but were not able to be logged into; they did crash eventually, but not immediately.


    I would of contacted you guys through a support ticket but it says you are not responding on Saturdays or Sundays, so here turned out to be best. There are many, many VeryGames servers so I thought best for exposure reasons.


    The only way around this issue is to either:

    • Disable auto updating, or better yet
    • Update to LWC 3.41

    The affected LWC build has the following checksums:

    md5: f9dad73544bcbc63262ac03eb48ecc6f
    sha1: a05a56b12ea3b9fde909d9c2e9bba2f25e95977a
    cksum: 428949303


    And a patched build can be found here: http://griefcraft.com/bukkit/lwc/release/LWC.jar



    Thank you and I apologize for the rather large inconvenience

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    Hello Hidendra !



    You're welcome, thank you for your message.



    I have not launched the 3.40 update (and fortunately !) however some customers use autoUpdate and could have had a problem with this plugins.

    I will inform customers now.



    I will update LWC to the 3.41 version today.



    Regards !

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