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    Problème a me mettre admin sur SM Super Commands !!!


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    // For each admin, you need three settings:

    // "identity" "permissions" "password"


    // For the Identity, you can use a SteamID or Name. To use an IP address, prepend a ! character.

    // For the Permissions, you can use a flag string and an optional password.



    // Flag definitions are in "admin_levels.cfg"

    // You can combine flags into a string like this:

    // "abcdefgh"


    // If you want to specify a group instead of a flag, use an @ symbol. Example:

    // "@Full Admins"


    // You can also specify immunity values. Two examples:

    // "83:abcdefgh" //Immunity is 83, flags are abcdefgh

    // "6:@Full Admins" //Immunity is 6, group is "Full Admins"


    // Immunity values can be any number. An admin cannot target an admin with

    // a higher access value (see sm_immunity_mode to tweak the rules). Default

    // immunity value is 0 (no immunity).



    // Passwords are generally not needed unless you have name-based authentication.

    // In this case, admins must type this in their console:


    // setinfo "KEY" "PASSWORD"


    // Where KEY is the "PassInfoVar" setting in your core.cfg file, and "PASSWORD"

    // is their password. With name based authentication, this must be done before

    // changing names or connecting. Otherwise, SourceMod will automatically detect

    // the password being set.



    // Examples: (do not put // in front of real lines, as // means 'comment')


    // "STEAM_0:1:16" "bce" //generic, kick, unban for this steam ID, no immunity

    // "!" "99:z" //all permissions for this ip, immunity value is 99

    // "BAILOPAN" "abc" "Gab3n" //name BAILOPAN, password "Gab3n": gets reservation, generic, kick




    "STEAM_0:0:38509660" "99:z"

    "STEAM_0:1:40435486" "99:z"

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    J'ai testé de mon coté et cela fonctionne...


    utilise une de ces commandes :


    [i]Armour [/i]                        - sm_armour <player> <armour>
       [i]HP [/i]                            - sm_hp <player> <hp>            
       [i]Bury[/i]                        - sm_bury <player>, sm_unbury <player>
       [i]Igniting Players[/i]            - sm_burn <player> <seconds>
       [i]Give item (weapons etc)[/i]        - sm_weapon <player> <itemname> (eg weapon_ak47)
       [i]Teamswap[/i]                    - sm_teamswap
       [i]Move player team[/i]            - sm_team <player> <teamid>  (CSS 1-spec, 2-t, 3-ct)
       [i]Defuse Kit[/i]                        - sm_defuser <player> <1|0>
       [i]NightVision[/i]                            - sm_nv <player> <1|0>
       [i]Helmet[/i]                        - sm_helmet <player> <1|0>
       [i]God Mode[/i]                    - sm_god <player> <1|0>
       [i]Gravity    [/i]                    - sm_gravity <player> <Float gravity multiplier>  (eg 1.0 (normal), 0.5 (half))
       [i]Extend[/i]                        - sm_extend <minutes>
       [i]No Clip    [/i]                    - sm_noclip <player> <1|0>        
       [i]Speed[/i]                        - sm_speed <player> <Float speed multiplier> (eg 1.0 (normal), 2.0 (double))
       [i]Damage Done (shows damage done to other players in a hint text message)[/i]
                                   - Cvar: sm_showdamage <1|0>
       [i]Respawn[/i]                        - sm_respawn <player>
       Shutdown                    - sm_shutdown (forces players to retry as well, usefull if server auto restarts)
       Connect Announce            - Cvar: sm_connectannounce <1|0>
       Admin See All                - Cvar: sm_adminseeall <1|0>
       Teleport                    - sm_teleport <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <x/#saveloc> <y> <z>
       Client Execute                - sm_exec <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <command string>
       Get Player Location            - sm_getloc <player> - leave blank for your location
       Save Player Location        - sm_saveloc - Saves your current location and gives you a saveloc number to use with teleport


    Peut-être devrais-tu utiliser ce plugin en compliment de celui-ci pour afficher le tout dans le menu.

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