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    48 hours since i made my order,...still no sign of a server!


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    Please can somebody at Verygames help me?


    I paid £200 for a 36 man counter strike server on the 25th of January 2006 and I am still to recieve any details of the server I have ALERADY PAID FOR or even a Recipt from Very games. Can someone from very games please tell me what is going on as I am very concerned that something ive very wrong!


    The lack of assistance I have recieved so far is absoloutly apaulling! I have sent several emails asking for confirmation of my server order and have just been replied to with "what is your server id?" - THATS MY PROBLEM I DONT KNOW ! I placed an order ,PAID FOR MY SERVER and I havent heard anything back from Very games at all!


    The only details I can give you are:-


    My Verygames.net login identity , which is "box@bsbnetwork.net"


    PLEASE can you get back to me ASAP as this is starting to get annoying and I will be looking to take the matter further if i fail to get any information back


    Thanks in advance.


    John Crangle

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