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    minecraft allocated data issue?


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    I bought a host for 10 gb data minecraft vps unlimited.

    When I check in the admin panel it says im using only 0.39% of the data space which is correct.


    But ingame in minecraft when I enter /lag.

    I can only see allocated memory 317mb.

    And free memory 167mb.


    I checked the FAQ if I need to appoint more dataspace to minecraft but I can't find anything atm.


    Any tips?

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    The data space and the allocated memory aren't the same the thing. If you have some lags it's only because you have many players or plugins on your server. VeryGames adapting the allocated memory with the server demand.


    VeryGames is one of the few hosting companies to not limit the RAM memory for Minecraft servers. Many people are wondering whether this is real, so we made this article to explain the strength of our offers.

    More informations: http://verywiki.net/en/Server_minecraft#Unlimited_RAM_memory_on_ALL_Minecraft_VQS_and_VQSi_servers


    If you have many lags you can contact the staff with a ticket or on IRC.


    I'm french so if I make mistakes excuse me and correct me.

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