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    Comment faire fonctionner Flamethrower ?


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    Salut , tu ajoute ceci dans ton server.cfg suivant les variables que tu veut


    [*][color=Red][i]sm_flame_amount 15[/i][/color][i]
    default: 5[/i]
    Number of flamethrower shots per player at spawn
    [*][color=Red][i]sm_flame_admins 0[/i][/color][i]
    default: 0[/i]
    Whether only admins are permitted to use the plugin
    [*][color=Red][i]sm_flame_enabled 0[/i][/color][i]
    default: 1[/i]
    Allows the plugin to be turned on and off per map
    [*][color=Red][i]sm_flame_delay 3.0[/i][/color][i]
    default: 3.0[/i]
    Delay between shots
    [*][color=Red][i]sm_flame_spawndelay 5.0[/i][/color][i]
    default: 5.0[/i]
    Delay between after spawn before the flamethrower becomes available

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