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    [JSONAPI]Probleme configuration


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    Bonjour sa fait 2 semaine que je cherche comment configurer JSONAPI sans succès le CMS (LipizCraft) que j'utilise n'arrive pas a se connecter au serveur


    Voici les logs:


    [15:14:17] [server thread/INFO]: [JSONAPI] Enabling JSONAPI v5.5.0
    [15:14:17] [server thread/INFO]: [JSONAPI] Logging to file: false
    [15:14:17] [server thread/INFO]: [JSONAPI] Logging to console: true
    [15:14:17] [server thread/INFO]: [JSONAPI] IP Whitelist = None, all requests are allowed.
    [15:14:17] [server thread/ERROR]: [JSONAPI] Couldn't start server!


    le config.yml


    # API methods on the method-whitelist will be
    # able to called without any sort of authentication
    - getPlayerLimit
    - dynmap.getPort
       max_queue_age: 30
       max_queue_length: 500
     startup-delay: 2000
     port: 20060
     ip-whitelist: []
     log-to-console: true
     log-to-file: 'false'
     anyone-can-use-calladmin: true
     use-new-api: false


    Le fichier user.yml


    - username: Max62540
     password: *******
     logging: true
     - full_control




    Et comment doije remplir ceci svp












    PS n°1: Le serveur est sous spigot

    PS n°2: Le serveur est sous whitlist pendant la configuration


    Merci d'avance pour votre aide

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