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    SourceMod not working correctly

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    I'm having issues with SourceMod installed via the verygames panel as shown below. On this particular package i am renting i am running two servers that are intended to be public deathmatch mode. I do not want to use the CS:GO deathmatch game mod as i want to use the SourceMod version that allows users to select weapons using the commands "!guns" etc.




    ^ i have installed metamod and sourcemod as above from my game panel and have also installed it manually through FTP.

    When i install it as above meta mod works and i am able to use the command rcon meta list and am also able to access some sourcemod commands such as rcon sm xxx however despite setting admins in the admins_simple.ini file as directed here; on the Allied Mods Wiki. I am still unable to use the console commands such as sm_xxx and primarily sm_admin when i do i just receive the error Unknown Command: sm_admin.


    Any help greatly apreciated. These servers are intended to be for this purpose and i'm just waisting money until i can can get them set up this way.


    Thank you.

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