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    MER IL ET FOU - Servers DM Classic & HS Only

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    Hello everyone,


    I like to train myself in Deathmatch (HS or not) before the matches, however, I have seen it’s hard to find servers that are well optimized one hand, other hand and finally performing with sufficient population for this training / warm-up.

    Indeed, the most coveted servers (Titan, NiP, etc.) are up quickly, I hope, why not, to hold their head.


    Having always the habit of setting up game servers CS: S / CS: GO to my friends and myself to play gather / pracc / war, I threw myself into creating servers to fill the void felt the Deathmatch mode.


    I am pleased to present my servers Deathmatch and Deathmatch HS only which are designed to be active and effective, first supporting up to 28 players and the second 24.


    They are of course set in 128 bits to provide optimum playing conditions.


    The dedicated server can easily handle the load of both servers (and much more), so don’t worry about their resistance.


    Namely that there are 10 bots on the servers and each of them is disconnected from the onset of a player.

    I am open to any constructive criticism to improve the servers.


    The IP servers of these are:

    Dust2 - Only Deathmatch server HS: csgo.meriletfou.fr:27025 (a small connect: steam://connect/csgo.meriletfou.fr:27025)

    Dust2 - Server Deathmatch Classic: csgo.meriletfou.fr:27035 (a small connect: steam://connect/csgo.meriletfou.fr:27035)


    Feel free to add favorites, and connect as soon as possible to help me keep them alive and give me some feedback on these, and why not also share around you.


    Thank you for reading (or have gone to the point, I know I'm a little romance too!) And wish you a good game at all!


    Best regards,


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    • 3 weeks later...

    Hello everyone!


    I'm back to announce you a very big update on my servers. Indeed, very big in the sense that it brings several new features, and because it has been necessary to modify the code and test this for almost a week.


    In summary,:

    - Website: http://www.meriletfou.fr (which will be expanded beyond the stats)

    - Stats !!! : http://www.meriletfou.fr

    - Server TeamSpeak: ts.meriletfou.fr


    In detail:

    - Web interface: You can now visit the website http://www.meriletfou.fr to keep you aware of what we offer. And of course consult the other points of this update.


    - Stats !!! : They were requested, here they are. Our servers are now equipped with the best current plugin statistics, all with a clean / uncluttered interface so that it remains in our perspective of simplicity and quality.

    I'll let you take a look at all the tabs to see this update. Namely, the awards are distributed every morning at 6:00.


    - Server TeamSpeak: We offer free access to our TeamSpeak server (512 slots).

    The latter includes a section for "IT SEA AND CRAZY" section and a section for the community (you).

    Feel free to enjoy it and use it in accordance with the rules of each (Thanks in advance).

    You can get there from the Web, which is the fastest alternative interface.

    If we are not in a room that is available to you, it does not change the fact that you can call us friendly and will make you a happy hello!


    Having spent a lot of time on this project, I will thank you to information and IP servers that each day are just seeing more and more regular players rotate.


    I am available to answer any questions and of course try to meet your expectations.


    Next project: aim server (HS only DM maps => Let me know your wishes? !!?)






    PS : I'm sorry for the Google Translation, I need to go to my bed x)

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    • 2 weeks later...

    Hello all,


    After hours of thinking, implementation, configuration, I am pleased to present you all the updates and news for the site and servers:


    * Initially, the dedicated happened on a Kernel 1000 Hz to further enhance playing comfort of all.


    * Second two new servers were launched:

    - A 1v1 Arena MultiMap AIM server (14 slots) (26 maps, including the most popular / played) (rtv available)

    - A second DM server Only HS (20 slots)


    The first, as I have been asked several times, because I love the concept.

    The second, as regularly Only HS server is full, even though I am not yet at a peak permanent filling.

    Hoping that I will not be annoyed by potential split between preventing filling.

    Only the first server also passes HS 20 slots, to provide more stability at the choke (coupled with the Kernel 1000 Hz) and in the hope of filling the two HSMOD servers.


    * Thirdly, the command! Knife associated with the plugin of the same name was added to all servers for the sake of the poor players (it's a joke !!).


    * Finally, two advertisements were added to the top and bottom of the website to help me try to go on a more powerful machine. To know that there is that if you click on the ads that money comes in, the ridiculous views reporting only miserable cents every 1000 views. This will be your willingness to click on it from time to time :)


    I hope that this "news" will make you happy and bring you satisfaction, I will avoid it clear that I killed myself to the task for you ^ __ ^ I remain open to any changes, especially for the new AIM server that either in terms of maps or other cvars.


    It would also be nice to turn the site address to publicize the servers!


    I want to remind once again that you have access to a section on my TeamSpeak 3 server, and it will be a pleasure to see you there.


    Reminder: All NPs are on the website: http://meriletfou.fr





    PS: Next and last server probably thought: AIM Server (HS only (to see)) Pistol

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    Because I would like to extend my servers the the CS:GO community, and I would like to deploy the Facebook page of the group, so I propose a small giveaway.


    Some people will say that it's nothing sensational and I agree with them, that's why I let a little week to participate, but I think it's always that.


    The next giveaway will be more consistent, but it would like the Facebook page grow up to cover more interested in a more consistent player giveaway!


    Here is the link to the Facebook page to participate: https://www.facebook.com/meriletfou.fr


    I want to remind that the servers are available at: http://meriletfou.fr


    Thank you for your attention, and I hope many of you will try your luck =)


    Best regards,


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    Hello all,


    I'm happy to announce the arrival this weekend of the new Deathmatch server Only Pistol !!


    This is a 20 slots server which will be played on maps Dust2 and Inferno.


    Each map is 20 minutes.


    All spawns have been meticulously redesigned on Inferno!


    I wish you much pleasure and thank you to share up :)


    Website: http://meriletfou.fr/ (For IP servers!)

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meriletfou.fr (1 CSGO giveaway until Tuesday and a Giveaway Steam until tonight !!)


    (if you want ^^)


    Thank you in advance to let me back up on the latest server and if you have any comments on the others!


    See you soon.

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