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    How to make everyone see grenades trajectory?

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    hello, ive just got myself a csgo server, after facing some admin problems that i could resolve, ive got another one. How can i make people see the grenade trajectory on the server? For everyone, and also for me, of course. I tried sv_grenade_trajectory 1 already, but it doesn't work, even myself cannot see the nade trajectory (i also tried by typing it in console on verygames website, and also in game console by using rcon before the command) i also got source mod installed. Please help.

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    ‘cl_grenadepreview’ will give players a live update of the grenade’s trajectory before it’s released. This will help players plan their grenades from the get-go, rather than throw and track back the trajectory using ‘sv_grenade_trajectory’.




    Players will also be able to fly through and follow their grenades without having to manually throw them as well. The ‘sv_rethrow_last_grenade’ command allows players to redo the final grenade used on the server, allowing them to test how certain nades interact with players on different angles.


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