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    Bonjour, j'essaye de configurer l'installation de mods mais je ne comprend pas comment déployer sur le serveur. 

    Sur le serveur j'ai 2 "jeux installer": 

    • Valheim-verygames
    • Valheim_plus-verygames

    Impossible de switcher entre les 2.

    J'ai installer BepInEx et modifier le fichier start_server.sh

    # BepInEx-specific settings
    # NOTE: Do not edit unless you know what you are doing!
    export DOORSTOP_INVOKE_DLL_PATH=./BepInEx/core/BepInEx.Preloader.dll
    export DOORSTOP_CORLIB_OVERRIDE_PATH=./unstripped_corlib
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="./doorstop_libs:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
    export LD_PRELOAD="libdoorstop_x64.so:$LD_PRELOAD"
    export templdpath=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="./linux64:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
    export SteamAppId=892970
    echo "Starting server PRESS CTRL-C to exit"
    # Tip: Make a local copy of this script to avoid it being overwritten by steam.
    # NOTE: Minimum password length is 5 characters & Password cant be in the server name.
    # NOTE: You need to make sure the ports 2456-2458 is being forwarded to your server through your local router & firewall.
    ./valheim_server.x86_64 -name "My server" -port 2456 -world "Dedicated" -password "secret"
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$templdpath

    Si quelqu'un peux m'aiguiller.


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