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    V Rising Server Panel Missing Key Features

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    There are a lot of things missing from the server panel that virtually every other server host has and supports.


    • Live console has no RCON functionality 

    - There are third party tools like rcon-cli which work fine but rcon should be accessible from within the panel

    • Restarting the server from scheduled tasks does not save the server before restarting so there is a loss in progress and server gets rolled back x minutes

    - By default the server saves every ten minutes so effectively that is the max that can be lost. We have had to set save intervals to every 2 minutes to try and mitigate this somewhat but it has an impact on performance

    • Cannot execute any commands from scheduled tasks

    - Why this is missing, I have no idea its offered everywhere else and you even offer it on other game servers. There is no reason for it to not be implemented or to have the option to setup scripts

    - Because of the above no commands like announcerestart, announce or multicommand for example can be setup to run at designated intervals 

    • Automatic daily reboot does not restart server
    • Configuration paths for admin and ban lists are incorrect they reset to blank files on a server restart and the correct path is within the save-data folder

    VRisingServer_Data/StreamingAssets/Settings/adminlist.txt should be save-data/Settings/adminlist.txt

    - VRisingServer_Data/StreamingAssets/Settings/banlist.txt should be save-data/Settings/banlist.txt


    Every other host I have looked at offer these basic features, I don't see how simple things like these are overlooked. More than likely if these things aren't addressed I'll be moving elsewhere at the end of the servers subscription.

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