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    SAP - Source Admin Plugin - CS:Source


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    Setup Guide


    This plugin will only work on the stand-alone dedicated servers (Linux and Windows), it will not work on the Windows dedicated server launched from the Steam Client application. I can not make that clear enough, if your launching a server from the Steam menu then you might have well give up now.


    The plugin is NOT designed for a LAN game, if you use it in one you might end up with all your players getting level 3 admin. This is because players don't have Steam IDs in a LAN game and therefore the plugin assumes they are the server console.


    Down to business


    Browse to your <Root> Server folder, that which contains your moods e.g. C:\HLS Server. You should see something like the following:


    bin [dir]

    cstrike [dir]

    hl2 [dir]

    platform [dir]





    Enter the \Bin directory and place SAP.dll (or .so on Linux) in there.


    Now go back to the <Root> directory and find the mod your using (Strike for counter-strike source for example). Go in there, and make a new folder/directory called "addons" (lower-case). You should now be in your mod folder with a new folder called addons Get the file called plugin.vdf and place that in addons.


    Admin Setup Guide


    -- Level 0 (Normal Player, Non-Admin)



    -- Level 1









    -- Level 2




    -- Level 3 (Includes Server console)




    Each level gets all the commands from the lower ones (level 2 includes all level 1 commands and level 0s).


    To setup an admin you need one piece of information, their Steam ID or IP, this can be found using the 'admin_status' command when they are in-game. This Plugin does not support password or name/clan-tag login (yet?).


    admin_user "<Steam ID/IP>" <Level>




    That is the command you have to execute in order to make an admin. You can do so from a .cg file like server.cfg when your server loads up. It is very important that you know, the Steam ID/IP must be enclosed in " " quote marks. If you do not do this then it will simply not work.




    admin_user "STEAM_0:1:32420" 1

    admin_user "STEAM_0:0:12003" 3


    Comments MUST go on a separate line, or place a ; after the command.


    You can automate this by creating a new text file called 'server.cfg' and placing it in your <MOD>/CFG folder. (e.g. C:\HLS Server\strike\.cg\server.cfg). You can make this using notepad, just when you save, click 'Text File .TXT' and change it to 'ALL Files' and then add '.CFG' to the file name.


    Note that people with Level 3 access can add more level 3 admin.


    Usage Guide


    If you see a word enclosed in < > it means that is required after the command, for example - admin_ff <On|1|Off|0> - This means the command 'admin_ff' requires whatever is inside the < > after it. In this case it is '1' or '0' or 'off' or 'on'. The | means "or" so 1|0 means one OR zero. You might also see a command enclosed in [< >] - This means it is optional. For example - admin_gravity [<Name>] <Gravity> - which means 'name' is optional but gravity isn't. Each of the optional or required fields has a space in between it, the same as true with a field and the command. I have marked the spaces with a % in this - admin_gravity%[<name>]%<gravity> - There is one space in between admin_gravity and optional name, and another between optional name and required field gravity.


    If a field needs to have a space in it then place " " around that field. For example when entering the name 'Very Long Name', you would place " " around it - "very long name".


    admin_help -

    Usage: admin_help

    Function: Displays a list of the commands you can use and a short description of what they do.

    Example: admin_help



    Usage: admin_who

    Function: Displays admins currently playing on the server.

    Example: admin_who



    Usage: status

    Function: Lists player information.

    Example: status



    Usage: admin_psay <Name|IP|ID|SteamID> <Message>

    Function: Sends a private message to the person described in the name/id/ip/steamid field.

    Example: admin_psay "Manip" "Hey Manip!"



    Usage: admin_ff [<1|0|on|off>]

    Function: View the current status of friendly-fire. Or if a valid value is supplied set friendly fire. (1 or 'on' turns friendly fire on)

    Example: admin_ff 1



    Usage: admin_kick <Name|ID|IP|SteamID>

    Function: Kicks a player from the server (disconnects them, they leave the game).

    Example: admin_kick Manip



    Usage: admin_map <Map Name>

    Function: Changes map to the map listed in 'Map Name'.

    Example: admin_map de_dust



    Usage: admin_slay <Name|ID|IP|SteamID>

    Function: Kills a player.

    Example: admin_slay Manip



    Usage: admin_status

    Function: Lists player information including IP and SteamID.

    Example: admin_status



    Usage: admin_restrict <Item Name> [<OverRide>]

    Function: Stops people buying items. The over-ride turns off the check which checks if it has been purchased yet on the server.

    Example: admin_restrict ak47



    Usage: admin_unrestrict <Item Name|All>

    Function: Allows people to buy the item again. Or if 'all' is supplied it removed all restricted items.

    Example: admin_unrestrict ak47



    Usage: admin_stuff

    Function: Lists items that can be restricted.

    Example: admin_stuff



    Usage: admin_slap <Name|ID|IP|SteamID> <Damage>

    Function: Slaps a player for the given amount of damage (causes damage to the player and moves them).

    Example: admin_slap Manip 10



    Usage: admin_gravity [<Name|SteamID|ID|IP>] <Gravity>

    Function: If a player is supplied it sets gravity on that player, if not it sets it to the entire server. 800 gravity is 'normal'.

    Example: admin_gravity Manip 100

    Example #2: admin_gravity 100



    Usage: admin_chat <Message>

    Function: Privately chat with other admins (normal players can't read the text).

    Example: admin_chat Hey other admins!



    Usage: admin_say <Message>

    Function: Sends a console message to all players.

    Example: admin_say Hey Players!



    Usage: admin_tsay <Message>

    Function: Displays a larger message in the centre of the screen.

    Example: admin_tsay Woohoo I got admin!!!!



    Usage: admin_votemap <Map Name>

    Function: Starts a vote for the given map name, the map changes if more vote for is greater than against the change.

    Example: admin_Votemap de_dust



    Usage: admin_votekick <Name|ID|SteamID|IP>

    Function: Kicks a player if more vote for the kick than do against.

    Example: admin_votekick Manip



    Usage: admin_team <Name|ID|SteamID|IP>

    Function: Forfully changes a player's team.

    Example: admin_team Manip



    Usage: admin_clexec <Name|ID|SteamID|IP> <Command>

    Function: Executes a command on the player.

    Example: admin_clexec Manip "say Hello"



    Usage: admin_ban <Name|ID|SteamID|IP> <Time>

    Function: Bans a player from the server for the given amount of time. If time is 0 then it is forever.

    Example: admin_ban Manip 0



    Usage: admin_noclip <Name|ID|SteamID|IP>

    Function: Allows a player to pass though walls.

    Example: admin_noclip Manip



    Usage: admin_cvar <CVar Name> [<New Value>]

    Function: Shows a server cvar's current value or if a value is supplied it changes the value. A server CVAR is an mp_ or cl_ or sv_ constants.

    Example: admin_cvar mp_friendlyfire 1

    Example #2: admin_cvar sv_alltalk



    Usage: admin_user <SteamID|IP> <Level>

    Function: Adds an admin to the server at the given level, level 0 is a normal player.

    Example: admin_user "STEAM_0:1:12345" 3



    Usage: admin_svexec <Command>

    Function: Executes a command on the server console.

    Example: admin_svexec restart



    Usage: admin_slots <Number of slots>

    Function: Sets total number of usable slots on the server.

    Example: admin_slots 30



    Usage: admin_Slotmode <0|1>

    Function: Sets the slot mode. 0 is blocking slots (normal players can't play in that slot) or 1 for 'Smart Mode' (One slot is open it kicks people to free up more when an admin connects).

    Example: admin_slotmode 1



    Usage: admin_slotadd <IP|SteamID>

    Function: Adds a slot user (a player who can connect into a slot).

    Example: admin_slotadd "STEAM_0:1:1022"

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