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    Configuration of a new HLTV Session for CSSOURCE


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    To start HLTV and record your game follow these steps:


    1 - rcon sv_hltv 1 -------------------- Nothing will happen until you change the map

    2 - rcon changelevel de_dust ------ The HLTV Proxy should now be there.

    3 - rcon hltv_record demoname ---- Replace demoname with something meaningful - like the name of the team your playing for example. The console will tell you its recording.

    4 - rcon hltv_delay 90 --------------- Sets the HLTV delay to 1.5 minutes.

    5 - rcon hltv_status ------------------ This will let you double check its recording and the delay is set.

    6 - rcon hltv_stop -------------------- Once your game is over this command will stop the demo and close down HLTV.

    7 - rcon sv_hltv 0 -------------------- Turns off HLTV for public play.


    To start up HLTV on CS:Source ----

    The port of the HLTV proxy defaults to 27020. If this port is already in use on your box it will not come up. If you need to change the port from default enter this into your server config.


    hltv_port "27019"


    The HLTV server allows 128 clients as a default. It is a good idea to reduce this using the "hltv_maxclients" cvar. Setting it to "0" prevents spectators connecting to it.


    For those who would like to know more than just the basics The following list is all of the available CVARs for HLTV. The format of the list is ... CVAR : Default Value : Brief description.


    hltv_autorecord : 0 : Automatically records all games as HLTV demos.

    hltv_debug : 0 : HLTV debug info.

    hltv_delay : 10 : HLTV broadcast delay in seconds

    hltv_maxclients : 128 : Maximum client number on HLTV server. It is a good idea to reduce this, 0 disables hltv clients

    hltv_maxrate : 3500 : Max client bandwidth rate allowed, 0 == unlimited

    hltv_port : 27020 : Host HLTV port

    hltv_record : cmd : Starts HLTV demo recording.

    hltv_retry : cmd : Reconnects the HLTV relay proxy.

    hltv_snapshotinterval : 2 : Take game snapshot every nth tick

    hltv_status : cmd : Connect to specified HLTV server.

    hltv_stop : cmd : Stops the HLTV broadcast.

    hltv_stoprecord : cmd : Stops HLTV demo recording.

    hltv_viewent : 0 : HLTV camera entity index


    If you see an error or more cvars...please contact me !


    All the informations on http://www.cse-clan.com or #-cse-

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