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    How to create an admin account on Teamspeak


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    How to create an admin account on Teamspeak



    In first, you must login on the Verygames’s website


    Then, click on Teamspeak in your console (the left’s frame)


    Then, click on the nummer of your server #N°


    A new menu is displayed :


    Click on the button « Admin » in face of "Utiliser l'interface Web TeamSpeak" (Use the Web Teamspeak’s Interface)


    NB: Have you see ? Below, you have the ip address of your Teamspeak’s server who is wrote


    A page is displayed, click on Log in


    Now you are on the administration panel of Teamspeak...

    Click on "User manager"


    Don’t remove the existing account !! It’s the admin account !!


    In bottom, click on add client


    LogInName: Edit with your login (The login is free)

    PassWord: Edit with a pass (This is free)

    PassWord: Write still your password for confirmation

    ServerAdmin: Notch this box if this account is for you

    Valid the entire modifications


    Now, you have created an account for you or for your team’s players

    The fact of having notched "Server admin" thus goes to enable him or you to manage your waiter directly in the software Teamspeak’s client.

    For this, open your Teamspeak

    In the window « connect to server »

    In the right’s options, notch Registered

    2 new cases are displayed :

    Edit with your LoginName and then write your Password


    And connect !!

    Now you can manage, create new chans, delete some chans etc……


    Enjoy !!!


    This is a traduction of the french’s tutorial who has been wrote by Sebilly

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