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    Apparemment le mod s'utilise comme un server standard avec les même commandes RCon standard


    Ci-joint un article en anglais : http://www.chatbear.com/board.plm?a=viewthread&b=390&t=806,1105505144,4466&s=0&id=773826#3


    Et tu as un article sous le forum Steam : http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?s=55d45707490b047b9c9b02ea0bc54823&threadid=196239


    Sinon je te laisse aller fouiller là : http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=55d45707490b047b9c9b02ea0bc54823&forumid=46

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    J'ai plus simple. Install HLSW puis configure le pour pouvoir administrer ton serveur. Ensuite va dans la portie console en bas puis sur le deuxieme bouton a droite du champ ou tu tape ta commande, tu clic. Tu verra apparaitre toutes les commandes y compris celle des mods installés.

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    Ultiny..c'est pas con ;) GG


    Mais bon sinon apparemment il n'y a que 6 commandes spécial hl2dm


    Command #1


    mp_decals "4096"


    This determines the maximum number of decals visible at one time, 4096 is the max number for this command, it prevents decals just suddenly disappearing, like when to much blood gets on one wall.


    Default: mp_decals "300"




    Command #2


    r_decal_cullsize "0"


    This one makes it so that decals don't just appear when you get close, it makes it so you can see them from any distance.


    Default: r_decal_cullsize "1"




    Command #3


    cl_ragdoll_collide "1"


    This one makes the ragdolls collide with each other, so they don't clip inside of each other. Makes body pileups look a lot better.


    Default: cl_ragdoll_collide "0"




    Command #4


    r_lod "-5"


    This one makes it so that the models always look their best from any distance, so when you get closer they don't suddenly switch to a different mesh. This command is awesome, I highly recommend everyone use it.


    Default: r_lod "-1"




    Command #5


    r_propsmaxdist "5000"


    This command sets the maximum visible distance for props, it prevents props from fading in/out as you get closer/further away from them. I don't know if 5000 is the actual max number for this command, the default is 1200, so 5000 just seemed like a good number to choose to me.


    Default: r_propsmaxdist "1200"




    Command #6


    jpeg_quality "100"


    This command works with the jpeg command, with jpeg_quality set to 100, it makes the screenshots you take 100% quality, so they look really good.


    Default: jpeg_quality "90"


    Me trompe-je ??

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