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How to wipe your server ?

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  • How to wipe your server ?

    On Rust and more particularly on the servers of this game, it is common to take advantage of updates (generally at the beginning of the month) to perform a "wipe" of the data. This term simply means to reset certain game progress data to zero.
    In technical terms, it is possible to wipe only part of the data, so there are 3 types of wipe :
    • from the map only
    • player data (inventories, blueprints, positions, etc.) only
    • of all the data

    To proceed with the wipe, you will have to use the FTP access provided with the server to delete the files concerned (depending on the method used).
    You can therefore use WebFTP easily accessible from your panel: Files & FTP then Web FTP
    Then navigate to the games / rust / server / verygames folder and follow the instructions below.

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    Wipe map data

    To wipe map data, stop the server and delete the .map files contained in:
    games / rust / server / verygames
    Once these files are deleted, you can restart the server. It may be an opportunity to change the map and therefore the seed to completely revive the interest of the game

    Wipe player data

    The content is concentrated of the .db files contained in games / rust / server / verygames and more particularly a player.blueprintX.db file
    To proceed with the wipe, stop the servers then delete this (these) file (s). Once done you can restart your server.

    Global server wipe

    The global wipe of the server data simply consists of combining the 2 above methods in order to reset all the game progress data to zero. Stop your server then delete both the .map and player.blueprintX.db files present in rust / server / verygames
    Once done, you can restart your server.